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Everyone’s got a blog these days. Is yours bringing in the right type of traffic? (Traffic that makes you money)

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Make your content work for you.

Get Creative SEO Copy & Content Strategy

To get worthwhile returns on your marketing dollars, you need copywriting services that serve your company’s goals. That means the copy must be easy to understand, clear, and engaging for your target audience.


My copywriting services might be perfect for you if you need… 

Copywriting services with a focus on attention to detail

As a professional copywriter, I’ve helped dozens of businesses deliver a more powerful sales message. I’m also a former science editor-in-chief with more than 10 years of office experience. (Published samples here.) 

That means you’ll receive well-written copy the first time around. Not to mention it’ll be 100% original and free of spelling and unintentional grammatical errors. 


Creative copywriting services with professional training

And who says copy can’t be creative? As a wee lad, I got my Master’s degree in Writing from the University of Warwick, where I was mentored by award-winning Scottish novelist A.L. Kennedy.


Copywriting services with a heavy research background

I was in the last year of my PhD (on DPRK propaganda) when personal reasons forced me to switch over to marketing full time. But I still approach copy with the same analytical eye that’s undergone years of research training.

After all, that’s the secret to producing copy that’s clear, accurate, and well organized for consumption by your target audience. 


SEO Copywriting services with measurable results

No matter how awesome your content, if no one reads it, you’re burning marketing dollars. With my SEO-driven content and strategy, you can be sure your audience will not only find you, but stick around and buy from you over and over again.

My background can also be useful if you need a copywriter who can 

turn complex ideas into engaging copy that’s easy to understand.


To wit, with my copywriting services, you’ll receive:


  • Engaging copy in creative lingo that doesn’t compromise the natural flow of conversation. (Remove visitor doubt and boost trust in your company.) 
  • A fine-tuned sales message that’s ready for consumption by your target audience. (in the correct sequence, your copy will have maximum impact. Grab your customers’ attention with this powerful combo and keep them engaged.) 
  • With my in-depth SEO knowledge, your copy will boost your long-term organic search rankings and dwell time. (Spend less marketing dollars over time while enjoying the awesome power of free traffic.) 

As a decision maker for your company, choosing a copywriter doesn’t have to be risky or time-consuming. If you’ve read this far, you’re looking for a methodical copywriter. Someone who understands SEO and loves attention to detail.

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"Amazing copy. A great strategist. Very inspirational."
Clark Pineda
Founder & CEO,
The Yogi Bee
"What I admire most is that he’s a student of his craft. He’s always learning. He’s always pushing his own boundaries. The guy is a copywriting master.”
Raymond Johnston
Head of Agency,
Right Hook Digital
Tyler James Koenig, CEO of TJK Copywriting
"As a copy coach, I gotta say, his brand research & how he can write content that's so engaging... It's sick. Next-level stuff."
Tyler James Koenig
Copy Coach & Consultant,
TJK Copywriting