Need marketing content for your SaaS?

Finding a professional SaaS content writer who can write quality marketing content is hard.

Someone who doesn’t just know how to grab the attention of your target audience, but how to sustain it. Someone who sells subtly while delivering value and engaging your readers with a fun yet authoritative voice that’s still on-brand.

That’s where we can help. 

Hi! I’m Valerio, founder of Copygun, a content marketing agency. I’m a SaaS content writer who’s written for brands like Oberlo, Unbounce, and Filecamp. In the past, I was creative director at Right Hook Digital, and marketing director at TopEdit, a research editing firm in Taiwan.

My team and I can easily humanize the technical complexities of your SaaS. We help our clients clients boil their ideas down to the bare essentials, so that we can communicate their selling points in engaging content that’s clear and easy to understand. 

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"What I admire most is that he’s a student of his craft. He’s always learning. He’s always pushing his own boundaries. The guy is a copywriting master.”
Raymond Johnston
Head of Agency,
Right Hook Digital
"An invaluable asset to our agency. Not only is he diligent and really gets marketing (not every copy editor does), he's astute when it comes to how certain things might be perceived. He's also given us plenty of thoughtful recommendations, which have indubitably improved the quality of our deliverables. I can recommend Valerio without reservation."
"As a copy coach, I gotta say, his brand research & how he can write content that's so engaging... It's sick. Next-level stuff."
Tyler James Koenig
Copy Coach & Consultant,
TJK Copywriting