Need a marketing writer for your B2B project?

B2B content writer Valerio Puggioni

Content that makes you do a double-take is rare these days. Seems there’s a writer for hire waiting every corner you turn.

But when you find a writer who can take your ideas and communicate them to your readers in a fun and educational way… that feels different. 

Someone who can just dive in, navigate the technical weeds, and yank out the fluff and jargon.

Now that’s a writer who can communicate your message in engaging copy that’s clear and easy to understand.

Ciao! I’m Valerio. I’m a B2B marketing writer and former science editor, and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. (I won my first writing award in the 2nd grade!)

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"An invaluable asset to our agency. Not only is he diligent and really gets marketing (not every copy editor does), he's astute when it comes to how certain things might be perceived. He's also given us plenty of thoughtful recommendations, which have indubitably improved the quality of our deliverables. I can recommend Valerio without reservation."
"What I admire most is that he’s a student of his craft. He’s always learning. He’s always pushing his own boundaries. The guy is a copywriting master.”
Raymond Johnston
Head of Agency,
Right Hook Digital