Get fun & fresh B2B content for your business

B2B content writer Valerio Puggioni

Most B2B content out there couldn’t move a mouse if it was made out of blue cheese.

Most content out there is about as exciting as stale bread. 

And for you, that’s good news.

Because this means it’s that much easier for you to stand out in the ocean of mediocrity with awesome content. After all, you understand the value of giving your audience fun content they actually enjoy reading.

You get how crucial content is to your brand, because dry content is… well, it’s boring. 

Because there’s a pretty good chance your competition is churning out the same lame-duck stuff.

So are you hungerin’ for the type of content that gets you yelling at your husband to get off the pot?

Because if you are, we’d love to help.


With an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Warwick, Copygun’s head writer Valerio has worked for numerous fun brands and on dozens of quirky ad campaigns that have multiplied ROI many times over. 

With a background in CRO, SEO, and copywriting (not to mention his 20 years of experience writing in general), he’s got the creative chops to launch awesome full-fledged content marketing strategies and execute creative ideation, which can turn any subject into fun and fresh content. 

Need content that’s fun and engaging and nets results for your business? Find out how we can help.

"What I admire most is that he’s a student of his craft. He’s always learning. He’s always pushing his own boundaries. The guy is a copywriting master.”
Raymond Johnston
Head of Agency,
Right Hook Digital
"An invaluable asset to our agency. Not only is he diligent and really gets marketing (not every copy editor does), he's astute when it comes to how certain things might be perceived. He's also given us plenty of thoughtful recommendations, which have indubitably improved the quality of our deliverables. I can recommend Valerio without reservation."
"As a copy coach, I gotta say, his brand research & how he can write content that's so engaging... It's sick. Next-level stuff."
Tyler James Koenig
Copy Coach & Consultant,
TJK Copywriting