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Read my B2B marketing content samples here to get a feel for my writing style. (Copywriting samples included.)

Valerio Puggioni

Why You Need Webinar Landing Pages in 2020

Hey look! It’s 2020, and everyone’s stuck at home. If you’re running webinars this year, find out how using webinar landing pages can help you fill up all the seats. 

Creating Signup Pages That Convert

Are you running paid traffic to your signup pages? In this article, I break down 12 examples of signup pages and explain how they’ve achieved conversion rates that are the stuff of marketing legend.

"Monetize!" (Ebook)

Oberlo (Link to PDF here)

Do you have what it takes to turn your website and social media channels into a real business? If your site isn’t making money, what you’ve got is a hobby. In this book, I clearly outline the strategies you need to get from A to Success.

"The Ecommerce Mindset" (Ebook; Copy Edited)

Oberlo (Link to PDF here)

I copy-edited this book because it was written without SEO in mind. This was more of a heavy-rewrite project, but I loved every minute of it. 

The original writer did a fantastic job, but Oberlo wanted to spruce the writing up to reflect its brand voice as well. 

"Start Here"
(My Book for Freelance Copywriters; link to Landing Page below)

Sitting at around 90 pages, this is the most up-to-date book on how to launch a profitable copywriting business from home. 

Website copy

Mindstamp is an app that lets you engage with your audience via video using “interactive comments, questions, buttons, and more.” Caveat: They’ve updated quite a bit since I produced the original website copy for Brett.

"Engage This!" Package (Ad training resource for
social media copywriters)

The best approach to learning copy is via in-depth analysis not only of what works, but what doesn’t. This means bad ads are worth analyzing if there’s something they can teach us.



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