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Please read my content and copy samples here to get a feel for my writing style. 

Valerio Puggioni

Spec Piece; August 16, 2021

Why I wrote it: Cardano generates a ton of reactions whenever it’s mentioned. All shades of insults and praise have been hurled at it. That Ethereum is viewed as a competitor, and Cardano has been labeled an “Ethereum killer”, have not done it any favors to endear its less charming rivals. 

From an investment perspective, my partner and I own both ETH and ADA, but we make no qualms about it: Cardano is our favorite. (Our main concern lies with Ethereum scalability.)

I wrote this as a loose opinion-style piece, but for a more educated audience. I also wanted to show the reader that I’m fluent and comfortable discussing concepts that might elude many crypto and blockchain writers.

The article was written using for SEO, and Hemingway for readability. In accordance with my writing process, I went over it with no conditions afterwards (and a fresh eye!) to ensure that it was a smooth and engaging read for humans, both online and offline.

Spec Piece; August 16, 2021

Why I wrote it: Crypto loans are a challenging subject because it involves committing personal finances, which makes people highly risk-averse.

I wanted to challenge myself because I knew little about the subject, and I wanted to wrap my head around the issue of overcollateralization.

I also know that it’s challenging for crypto and blockchain companies not only to make their content easily understandable by the audience at large, but to make it an engaging read as well.

This is why I chose to open with a story and a pain point the audience might be familiar with: Feeling the squeeze over their finances during the pandemic. 

I also made up the company, and imagined that the brief for the content piece would have a goal: to encourage trial sign-ups at the end (soft CTA). Anyone with any majorly recognized digital asset could technically open an account and put up collateral to borrow crypto.

The article was written using for SEO, and Hemingway for readability. 

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"Monetize!" (Ebook)

Oberlo (Link to PDF here)

Do you have what it takes to turn your website and social media channels into a real business? If your site isn’t making money, what you’ve got is a hobby. In this book, I clearly outline the strategies you need to get from A to Success.

"The Ecommerce Mindset" (Ebook; Copy Edited)

Oberlo (Link to PDF here)

I copy-edited this book because it was written without SEO in mind. This was more of a heavy-rewrite project, but I loved every minute of it. 

The original writer did a fantastic job, but Oberlo wanted to spruce the writing up to reflect its brand voice as well. 



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