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When it comes to outsourcing your content writing efforts, you might be wondering, “Why the hell should I go with Copygun?”

You’ve got tons of options on the table. And in fact, those options might be a better fit for your brand. But if you’ve been burned by writers in the past, and you’re looking for someone who’s a cut above your average content writer, then you’ll want to read this.

But first…


What is content writing?

Content writing involves publishing words that drive leads or sales for your business over time. In contrast to copy, content doesn’t try to hard sell (direct response). It’s meant to build and nurture a value-driven relationship with your target audience.

Think blogs. Think white papers, website content, case studies.

If paid traffic gets you fast results, content marketing (aka inbound marketing) brings the traffic to you over time based on what your users are searching for… that’s the long game.

So if you want to build a sustainable business, content marketing is a solid strategy. With great content, it can be a powerful way to to help your brand stand out (especially if your competitors’ content sucks!).

Let’s go over search engine optimization real quick.

I won’t bore you to tears with long-winded definitions. Let’s keep it simple and relevant to web content.


What is an SEO content writer?

If you’ve been living in a bunker waiting for 2020 to pass, then here’s a quick rundown of search engine optimization (seo). In essence, it’s a contest among businesses (and people!) to see who can come out on top of Google’s super sexy page 1.

Say you own a Hawaiian pizzeria (noooo) in Philly. Every time someone searches for “Pineapple pizza pies near me”, your Honolulu Five-O pizzas pop up as the #1 result. (No scrolling required for potential customers to espy your pie).

Heck. If you can secure a featured image snippet, they’ll be drooling at the sight of your disgusting sliced pineapples sliding off the cheese.

To put it into context, an SEO content writer is an expert writer who is also trained to write for search engines.

But not all SEO writers are equal. Most SEO writers create content that are like cheap plastic toys that couldn’t excite a child. Good writing doesn’t come easy. It comes with training. Conscientious learning and critical thinking. Brainstorming. Lateral thinking. Tools you learn to assist with writing.

But what’s the most important skill to own them all? Sturdy research. (At Copygun, we provide in-depth training and support in all these areas for our writers.)

Now let’s look at what “high-quality content” means, a term writers love to throw around to make me angry. (And you don’t want to make me angry.)

Hulk mask worn by someone who's looking for content marketing services
Photo credit goes to John Benitez. (Thank you!)

What makes “quality content”?

You’ll see the term “high quality content” written pretty much on any writing service website that’s trying to sell you content. (Not ours though, because “high quality” should be a given, not a differentiator.)

Still, let’s define what makes high quality content. There are levels to web content. You know this.

One quick look at two or three of your competitors’ blogs, and you know if they’re serious about their content marketing… or posting on their blog because it’s something every website seems to do nowadays.

In fact, tons of businesses hire web content writers to pack their web pages with buzzwords and fillers—and they spend good money doing it! (If you’re after that type of content, sorry! We’re not in the business of hurting businesses with bad content.)


What type of content do we write?

At Copygun, we write pretty much everything except product descriptions. (There are plenty of writing services that do this, but we don’t serve ecomm clients.) We like to stick to what we do best: writing fun and engaging content for brands with a personality.

That said, our web content writers are also good at:

  • Writing for humans first, but in a way search engines find agreeable
  • Creating landing pages with a focus on conversions
  • Any form of website copy or web content

So if you’ve got a website and you love reading fun content, we’ve got the good stuff (with a dash of SEO).


What makes Copygun content writers different?

Finding good content writers is hard. It gets even harder when you’re after expert writers in a chosen field. With a rigorous hiring process, we’re very selective when it comes to writers we want to work with.

We’ve also got an internal team handbook and style guide. The cherry on top? We offer hands-on training sessions and constructive feedback for ongoing improvements.

There are tons of content writing services out there where you can find “decent” writers. Content isn’t something you should waste on a decent writer though.

Almost every writing service is cheap, dirt cheap, and there’s a reason for that. (Many of them struggle with writing a great intro.) In a way, you get what you pay for. Many of our clients come to us after they’ve been burned by one of these content mills that couldn’t deliver to expectations.

If you want to take a peek at our writing process, the gist of it is below.


Swipe our content writing process

Step 1. Research. We’re quite serious when it comes to researching the topic before doing anything else. The research process has its own dedicated steps. (This includes VoC (voice of customer) research to identify the language used by your target audience.)


Step 2. Still Research! We curate the most relevant web content written by your competitors to make sure we cover everything they have, and more. (We also want to put our unique spin on it, as well as writing in a fun, conversational tone.)


Step 3: Brainstorming. This is where we look at potential angles. We also try to find the sweet spot among your target audience, your brand voice, and your competitors’ content. (And do it better). Once combined, all three add up to superior content.

Want the whole damn pie?


This is just a little taste of our process. Swipe our entire content writing process by downloading the PDF (coming soon!).  

Need content writers?

Need any website content to rank or for your affiliate website? A quick Google search will reveal plenty of content writing services can do that for you. But if you truly believe that fun content is something your audiences want to read, and you understand its value, then let’s chat.

If you need copy or web content for your fun brand, whether it’s landing pages or website content, book a call with Valerio (our head of content) here.

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