Copy & Content Writing Samples

The following are additional published copywriting and content writing samples. If you don’t see something in your niche, ping me. I won’t take on a project unless I’m 100% confident I can deliver.

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1. How to increase customer lifetime value to fuel ecommerce profits (Free calculator included)  [Right Hook Digital]

2. Monetize! [Oberlo] 

3. The E-Commerce Mindset [Oberlo; Heavy Rewrite of all 22 chapters. The CMO said he loved my “aggressive editing style”.] 

4. Digital asset management: What is it, and why do you need it?

5. Five reasons you’re not landing good copywriting clients [Mister Pajamas] 

6. Why every freelancer needs to adopt the growth mindset [Mister Pajamas] 

7. Commanding freelance copywriter rates your prospects won’t flinch at [Mister Pajamas] 

8. How to get your copywriter portfolio up fast and painlessly [Mister Pajamas] 

9. Why Every Freelancer needs to Adopt the Growth Mindset [Mister Pajamas] 

10. Refusing to Haggle (Why you should reject problem prospects before they become problem clients) [Mister Pajamas] 

11. 11 Traits of Every Successful Freelancer [Mister Pajamas; PDF Lead Magnet] 

12. Why People Actually Like You [Originally published on Mister Pajamas blog; republished on LinkedIn] 

13. “Threats to Cybersecurity demand New Operations” (in Strategic Vision) (PDF, pp. 11-15) 

14. Announcement for Speech on “How to increase your chances of getting published in your target journal” 

15. Accepted! How to Increase Your Chances of Journal Publication [Originally published on TopEdit blog; republished on LinkedIn] 

16. Writing the Dreaded Cover Letter [Originally published on TopEdit blog; republished on LinkedIn] 

17. Finding the Right Target Journal for Your Article [Originally published on TopEdit blog; republished on LinkedIn] 

18. Anatomy of a Rejection-Proof Cover Letter [TopEdit] 

19. How to Cite Chinese Language Sources Correctly [TopEdit] 

20. When to use the Passive Voice [TopEdit] 

21. Cover Letter Template [TopEdit; Template] 

22. Response Letter Template [TopEdit; Template] 

23. Abstract Template [TopEdit; Template] 

24. Section Division Template [TopEdit; Template] 

25. Wallace Newsletter Issue 12 (wrote and edited parts of it, especially page 4, featuring a chubby, younger version of me with hair)