Copywriter Portfolio

Copywriter Portfolio

Hi. This is my online copywriter portfolio. Feel free to browse my copywriting samples. (Content samples included). Drop me a message if you want to talk copy.

If you need copy editing services, please review my copy editing samples.


Copywriting Samples

Ebook Writing Sample

Oberlo is an awesome brand I’ve worked with closely in the past.

(I received in-depth video training from Oberlo to improve my long-form content writing skills and advance my SEO knowledge further.)


Website Copywriting Samples

Copywriter Valerio Puggioni's Portfolio, with a Website sample for Vlynt

Vlynt is an amazing SAAS website. I wrote this copy when they were a startup with another name.

Copywriter Valerio Puggioni's Portfolio, with a Website sample for Bespark

Bespark is a Shopify Plus dev agency. I’ve used Shopify for ecommerce before. So I appreciate excellent customized functionality when I see it. And that’s what Bespark is all about.

Copywriter Valerio Puggioni's Portfolio, with a Website sample for Mindstamp

Mindstamp is a powerful video annotation tool that lets you embed comments directly into video. (Sweet.) For this project, I worked on some of the copy and acted as a marketing/copy consultant.

Copywriter Valerio Puggioni's Portfolio, with a Website sample for DJ Paul Michaels

DJ Paul Michaels is the best wedding DJ in Chicagoland. Check out his blog for fun event details.

FB Swipes is my most recent side project. I aim to publish daily analyses by exploring the creative side of Facebook advertising. logo above content writing samples for, included in Copywriter Portfolio

Sample articles on journal publication

Selected articles I wrote as marketing director for

The Anatomy of a Rejection-Proof Cover Letter

Your Research Question Can Guide You (if you let it)

How to Cite Chinese Language Sources Correctly

Revisiting “The Elements of Style”

“Accepted! How to Increase Your Chances of Journal Publication”

Strategic Vision vol. 2, to be included in the Copywriter Portfolio

Coauthored article with Russian political researcher Yilmaz Seraffatin. The article on Asian cybersecurity was published in a special issue of Strategic Vision vol. 2.(Special Issue, December 2013; pp. 11 to 15).

Website authority sample for Wallace, to be included in Copywriter Portfolio

I was featured in this Wallace Newsletter (Sept. 2011 issue, in traditional Chinese) as the new Editor-in-Chief. I had just gotten serious about my copy editing and editing practice. This introductory article launched my career in Taiwan’s science research scene.

For more than a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of research teams get their articles published in the most prestigious science journals worldwide. (Published samples here.) These researchers include behavioral psychologists, scientists, and engineers.

Landing Page Samples

Real-Life Fitness PT

Real-Life Fitness PT hired me to write this set of landing pages (2 long-form variants + 1 short-form variant). The first image is the short-form sample.

Copywriter Valerio Puggioni's Portfolio, with a short-form landing page sample for Real-Life Fitness PT
Short-form Sample

The first image link is for Long-Form Variant 1 (charity pull, which I recommended against).

Image Link to Long-Form Variant 1

The second link is for Long-Form Variant 2 (lead magnet pull).

Image Link to Long-Form Variant 2
Instagram ad sample for Real-Life Fitness PT in Copywriter Portfolio
Instagram ad sample

The company wanted to run an ad campaign. I was brought on to beat their controls. They never ended up running the a/b tests.

A few weeks later I was hired to write their Instagram ads. (I include one here. I’m not terribly fond of these.)


Copywriter Valerio Puggioni's Portfolio, with a Landing page sample for Anxietygone

This is a landing page I wrote 2 years ago. It’s in British English. The ad never ran, which is a shame. I still like it, which is why I’ve included it in my copywriting portfolio.

Bangkok Car Air Purifier Copy 

Copywriter Valerio Puggioni's Portfolio, with a Landing page sample for an air purifier

This is a landing page sample I wrote as an exercise. It was for a course by legendary copywriter John Carlton. It’s in the style of an advertorial.

I had big plans. Product testing. Was aiming to import an air purifier model with a small MOQ of 100 orders. But something-something crazy import taxes. (Still looking to establish an LLC here in Bangkok.)

Lead Magnet Samples

Ebook Lead Magnet Sample for Mister Pajamas

Lead magnet sample for Mister Pajamas, included in Copywriter Portfolio
Lead magnet sample

This is the Mister Pajamas lead magnet. I originally conceived it as a quick list of 11 Freelance Copywriting tips for success.

But I didn’t want to write fluff to pull people’s emails. So I extended it to provide actual value. It’s by no means perfect, but here it is, in final form. (Actually free. No email address required.)

Infographic Samples for

I wrote this set of infographics for, the Taiwanese research editing company. (I was employed in-office as the marketing director.) (Traditional Chinese translations are available upon request.)

Creative Copywriting Samples (Big-brand copy samples)

Chupa Chups

This ad campaign was for a Chupa Chups spec. I’ve been working with junior brand designer Irada Pankor @ Irada Designs for 1 year now. This was one of our starter projects to explore how our styles meshed.


Chupa Chups ads are immediately identifiable. That’s good branding. So our challenge was to come up with something original and wholesome. All while avoiding easy and cliche’ sexual innuendos, and preserving this sucker’s brand identity.

The concept involved presenting images of traditional celebratory events, overshadowed by the sucker (the greater need).

How’d we do?

Honey Box

Packaging design and brand copy sample for Honeybox, included in Copywriter Portfolio
Packaging design and brand copy sample

The Honey Box project was an ad packaging and branding sample (spec). But that’s not what made this one uniquely awesome.

This was another collab project with junior brand designer Irada Pankor @ Irada Designs. We chose to create this brand from scratch as a branding exercise. Irada was the lead on this one.


From concept to brand attributes, we wanted to create an environmentally conscious honey brand. Something original and cool.

This meant the design had to be clean. It had to feature strong contrasting colors. The copy had to complement these brand qualities. A friendly tone to deliver an eco-friendly message that hit an emotional chord with our target audience.

Honey lovers who care about bees.