Copy Editing & Editing Samples

The following are published editing samples. Please contact me for relevant copy editing samples. (I’ve done a lot of copy editing work for Zen Revenue (mainly on crypto and blockchain).

For copywriting samples, please click here.

1. The Ecommerce Mindset

This was a Heavy-Rewrite book project for Oberlo. Their Chief Marketing Officer said he loved my “aggressive editing style”.

2. How product market competition affects dividend payments in a weak investor protection economy: Evidence from Taiwan (Published by Elsevier)

3. Evaluating Post-Earthquake Building Safety Using Economical MEMS Seismometers 
(Published in Sensors)

4. Quantifying cerebellar atrophy in multiple system atrophy of the cerebellar type (MSA-C) using three-dimensional gyrification index analysis
(Published in Neuroimage)

5. Delonix regia Leaf Extract (DRLE): A Potential Therapeutic Agent for Cardioprotection (Published in PLOS ONE)

6. Heat shock protein-90-beta facilitates enterovirus 71 viral particles assembly
(Published by Elsevier)

7. Measuring the refractive index of transparent materials using high-precision circular heterodyne interferometry
(Published by Elsevier)

8. Distribution of Ozone and Related Compounds in the Marine Boundary Layer of the Northern South China Sea in 2010
(Published in Aerosol and Air Quality Research)

9. The Cooperative Learning Effects on English Reading Comprehension and Learning Motivation of EFL Freshmen
(Published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education)

10. Sheaves of Korean Buddhist History: Joseon Bulgyosa-go (translated by my dad from classical Korean to Englishhe’s Italian. I was the project editor and proofreader.)

11. I held an IEEE (engineering) seminar speech at the NTNU engineering department, called, “How to increase your chances of getting published in your target journal“.