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on a deeper level, with persuasive copy laced with emotive triggers

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Change the way people see your business

A single word can change the way your customers think about your business. That’s why hiring the right copywriter can make a massive difference to your bottom line.

But what makes someone the “right” copywriter?

Hi, I’m Valerio, and this is what I’m good at:

🧨 Copywriting & Content Production

🧨 Copy Editing

🧨 Content Strategy

I’m not one of the millions of copywriters starved for work, willing to churn out decent copy for pennies. I don’t even have a neat-sounding American name like James Jones. Patty Patterson. Or Schmitty Smith.

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What this copywriter has to offer

I’m the former creative director at Right Hook Digital, a Facebook marketing partner agency based in Australia. 

I was the chief science editor at, the largest research editing company in Taiwan. During my 5-year tenure, I mostly reviewed studies on behavioral economics and persuasion research.

I have a PhD.c in Propaganda Studies, a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Warwick (where I was mentored by A.L. Kennedy), and a BA in English w/ a focus on Critical Theory.