Who the hell said B2B content has to be boring?

Copywriter Valerio Puggioni looking up

Technical copy and content can be challenging for some.

It tends to come across as “dry” or “boring”. And finding a reliable writer can be hard. Really hard. Especially someone who can produce copy and content that’s fun and educational on a consistent basis. Someone who can meet deadlines every time and is easy to communicate with.

Sound familiar?

Well, I loooooove dry and boring. I thrive on it.

I absorb theory and data and all those technical terms like a wet kitchen sponge foaming at the mouth.

Hi! I’m Valerio, and this is what I’m really, really good at:

Turning complex ideas into copy and content people enjoy reading.

A few other things I’m pretty damn good at:

🧨 Copy Editing


🧨 Content Strategy

🧨 Marketing funnels and strategy

And below, you can watch a video about me from the Head of Agency at Right Hook Digital. (By the way, if you own an ecommerce brand, Ray is amazing to work with.)

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Hey. Gimme your email.

I love emails so much. I’d love to read yours and exchange notes with you once in a while. 

(Keeping it 100% relevant, of course.)

Copywriter for Hire: Valerio Puggioni

Why you should really work with me

As the CD @ Right Hook Digital, an Australian Facebook marketing partner agency, I helped develop the creative direction of 50+ ecomm brands.

During my 5-year tenure as science editor-in-chief at Wallace.tw, the largest research editing company in Taiwan, I mostly reviewed studies on behavioral economics and persuasion research. This means you get well-researched content every time.

You can also leverage my PhD.c in Propaganda Studies, my Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Warwick (where I was mentored by A.L. Kennedy), and my BA in English w/ a focus on Critical Theory.

Need additional copywriters? I’m the host of the Freelance Copywriter Collective, a super-active group comprising 9,000+ members.