Need to hire a copywriter?

A pro copywriter dishing out social media copy from a coffee-stained kitchen table in Bangkok

A single word can change the way customers think about your business. That’s why hiring the right copywriter can make a massive difference to your bottom line.

But what makes someone the “right” copywriter?


What this copywriter has to offer

You’ll love my killer custom copywriting process, which I’ve refined over the years. Combine that with my obsessive dedication to research, and you get copy that’s superior to your competition’s (especially if you hire me for competitive keyword analysis).

And that’s just a tiny sliver of what differentiates me from your average copywriter.

As former Creative Director of Right Hook Digital agency, I know the personal pains of a poor hire; it’s a waste of time, it’s stressful, and most importantly, it’s costly. And when it comes to hiring online, the challenge is even greater.

So if you value your time and want someone reliable who values principles and self-discipline, trust me to get it done.

I love working with businesses in the health, fitness, and environmental industries. So if you’ve got a healthy budget and need a copywriter with experience growing a business or two, let’s talk. (Here’s my calendar link.)



Before I became a freelance copywriter for hire

I’m the former head science editor at, the largest research editing company in Taiwan. During my 5-year tenure, I mostly reviewed studies on behavioral economics and persuasion marketing.

I’m also a marketing consultant with CRO training.

I’m certified in Google Display Adwords, and have an SEMRush SEO certificate as well.

Before my recent role as CD @ RHD, I was the Marketing Director at, a scientific research editing and translation company based in Taipei, Taiwan. I oversaw the company’s marketing campaigns, trained and managed other marketers (including SEO, Facebook, and email), and contributed enough original articles to fill a book.

On a couple occasions, I got invited by university departments (Institute of Electro-Optical Science and Technology, National Taiwan Normal University) to hold lectures on the subjects I had written about. (Awesome.)


Additional considerations before hiring me as your copywriter

I’m a fan of long copy and direct response copywriting. I have a background in brand copywriting, but through the years, I’ve learned what I’m really good at (and what I love working on most).

In that vein, my favorite copywriters include John Caples, Brian Dean of Backlinko, the Halberts (especially Bond Halbert because of his approach to copy editing), Gary Bencivenga, and Jay Abraham. (Most recently, I went through John Carlton’s “Kickass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel“, which was a good refresher.)

That said, I still respect good grammar when it counts, and appreciate the consistency, voice, and all the heart and soul a writer pours into a brand voice and personality.