Strengthen your SAAS authority with comprehensively researched evergreen content

How to gain an edge over your competitors with a proven approach to content writing

Finding exceptional content writers is challenging. 

It’s even harder when they don’t get what you’re selling…

… or they just can’t seem to explain the technical aspects of your offer and simplify them for mass consumption by your audience… 

… not to mention the glaring grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. 

It’s also generic. And boring. Worse.

It makes your brand look cheap.

Need I go on?


If you’ve been burned by bad content, then have I got an offer you need to hear.


Convert more readers into users with my Refined-Skyscraper approach to High ROI content 


Here’s what you get, in a nutshell: 


The most comprehensive content for your chosen topic. That way, anyone who wants to learn about your chosen topic (and the keywords associated with it) will not need to leave your website, because everything they want to know should all be there.

Vomiting content is NOT smart content marketing. That’s why, before I create any single piece of content, I analyze the competitive landscape, and I ask myself one question:

“How likely are people to link to this piece of content?”


In a gist: I look at the Top 10 search results for your topic to make sure I cover every subtopic each article mentions in those results.


To wit, you get:

  1. The most comprehensive article (running from 1,200 to 2,500+ words) for the Top 10 search results for your chosen topic +/ keyword/s. 
  2. A list of 50+ high-level prospects you can reach out to for backlinks, with contact details, company position, and email addresses.
  3. I’ll also include 8 carefully curated images from Envato Elements Premium, Pixabay, or Unsplash, in addition to 2 to 4 custom-recorded GIF images. 


Millions of articles are published online every day; 90%+ of them will never get read, for the simple fact that no one wants to link back to an average article. 

That’s why ALL great outreach starts with great content. 

Because with every relevant link you earn, the linker is basically granting you free access to the linker’s target audience. It’s a signal to the linker’s target audience that they trust you and are vouching for you and your business. 

Enter relevant traffic and a higher ROI. 

Forget about paying for links. With great content, outreach becomes much easier. Instead of having to spend a huge chunk of your budget on expensive SEO services because you have to pay for every link you “earn”, why not invest in excellent & linkable content pieces based on solid data?


Why should you trust me, and not someone else?

There is literally no one else in my space who does this. I’ve done the research. I’ve built up my systems and processes. I know exactly what I’m doing. 

As a 7-year PhD.c veteran researcher in Propaganda Studies, data and writing are my bread and butter. 

I also have a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Warwick, where I was mentored by Scottish novelist A.L. Kennedy, so you can be damned sure you’ll receive quality work every time.

Not to mention, I’ve headed two research editing firms as editor-in-chief and marketing director, which means I’ve helped thousands of engineers, researchers, and data scientists get published in their top-tier journals of preference (e.g., Elsevier, PLOS ONE, and Neuroimage).

Past and current clients include Oberlo, Right Hook Digital, Filecamp, MindStamp, and many others. 


Are you ready to get serious with your business content?

If I don’t think I can help, I won’t take you on as a client. There’s no point risking my reputation over a one-time fee. Sure, it’s a decent amount of money, but it’s peanuts compared to what I could be making with you over the long term. 

Money is in the repeat client, NOT one-off fees that damage my reputation. (No thanks.) 

If you’re 100% confident you need this right now, but you need it only once, I can’t take you on. (Sorry.) But if you’re looking to commit to a potential long-term relationship, and you need a service like this for the long haul, I’m right here with you. 

So if you’re super-serious about content and authority, in the immortal words of Marvin Gaye, let’s get it oooooooooon 🎵


My guarantee? 

My approach doesn’t guarantee backlinks, and you should be wary of anyone who promises you backlinks and results. But what I can promise is this:

My team only uses whitehat techniques (unless you say otherwise), meaning we create personalized messages after manually reviewing each prospect’s website in detail, so that we can earn the link.


This means, no spammy backlinks. No paid links. Only natural links, which are obviously harder to acquire, but much, much better for your business in the long run, and to establish thought leadership.


Each content project starts at $800 and goes up to $2000.


Ready to quit feeling dissatisfied with inferior content?

Ping me in chat, and enjoy peace of mind, more free time, and a higher ROI while you focus on the most important aspects of your business.