SaaS Content & Copywriting Services

Need something not listed here? I’m happy to chat about it.

Long-Form Content

Want the most in-depth guide you can find about a specific subject? Something more comprehensive than the Top 10 search results can offer? With quality long-form SaaS content, people actually want to link back to, it can be much easier to rank for a certain topic. 


Boost brand awareness and presence, authority and legitimacy, collect emails, and drive a lot more targeted traffic over the long term with ebooks that can rank for dozens of keywords.

Case Studies

Convert more prospects into customers by publishing convincing case studies for your target audience. Showing proof and the results you’ve already achieved for customers with similar needs in your target audience is one of the best ways to persuade someone to buy.

Web Copy

Can your website copy use a refresh? Or maybe you want to see what another copywriter (a professional who specializes in your industry) can do for your website. With experience and training in conversion rate optimization, I’m also qualified to provide feedback on non-copy elements.

Landing Pages

Want to see if someone can beat your control? Show me your winning landing page, and let’s see if I can create a variation for you that proves to be even more profitable. 


Nurture more prospects with emails that provide value and connect with your audience by humanizing your brand and fostering personalized relationships. 

Copy Editing

Feel like your copy or content can be improved drastically with an expert eye? Have a veteran copy editor with more than a decade of science editing experience review your marketing materials.