I write long-form content
for SaaS companies

I have a serious marketing background

Unlike most copywriters, I’ve been a marketing director, a creative director at a multimillion-dollar agency, and editor-in-chief at one of the largest research editing firms in Asia. 

This means I’ve built 100%-remote teams from scratch more than once. And since I’ve reviewed thousands of CV’s, fielded candidates, and conducted hundreds of interviews, I get it: 

Finding reliable and strong copywriters is hard work, and finding one who’s just right for your business can feel like an impossible challenge.

As a seasoned marketer, I’ve helped several businesses start and scale up by producing manuals, fostering the company culture via the internal blog, and by hiring, training, and building strong professional teams. 

I have a PhD.c in propaganda studies

Yes. You read that right. In a lonely field with few practitioners, I’ve spent years studying propaganda theory as well as applied tactics. While my research was on North Korea, my concentration was on Cult of Personality theory. 

Because of all the persuasion hype surrounding the marketing industry, my academic knowledge puts me at a strong advantage when it comes to understanding human behavior and decision making. So if you prefer a no-nonsense approach to your marketing communications, look no further.

This also means I’ve undergone training on how to conduct PhD-level research, so if you’re planning to publish a comprehensive article (especially to rank via the Skyscraper method), then you’re going to want a professional who’s as thorough as possible. 

I have an MA in Creative Writing

I’ve had years of practice adapting to different writing styles and experimenting with voice. So if you’ve got a “boring” product because it’s highly technical or complex, I can help you simplify the complexity and humanize your products for your target audience. 

And since I studied under award-winning Scottish novelist Alison Kennedy, I’m more than adept at incorporating stories and injecting personality into your brand. In fact, I love telling compelling stories that keep a reader glued to their screen.

Unlike most writers, I thrive on long form

Common issues with long-form content include poor structure, dry passages packed with filler words that read like they were written by machines, or (let’s be honest) they’re a bore to read. 

But when a business allocates a significant chunk of their budget to comprehensive content, they expect a handsome return. That’s why I rely on qualitative and quantitative data and research to help drive my decisions, identify opportunities, and boost the likelihood of your content getting read (and we do that also by writing like humans, for humans.)

A character reference from
Right Hook's Head of Agency: