Why choose this writer for
blockchain and crypto?

Is research important for your project?

In a stimulating field with few practitioners, I spent roughly 5 to 6 years researching propaganda and applied tactics. While my thesis was on North Korea, my concentration was on Cult of Personality theory.

My research background puts me at a strong advantage when it comes to communicating the complex in a way that’s easy to understand. It also means I’m an organized critical thinker.

I’ve undergone training on conducting PhD-level research. So if you need someone who can start digging and isn’t afraid to dirty his hands… then you want a go-getter, a lifelong learner, and a writer who’s thorough and meticulous.

Need someone with a knack for telling stories?

“You’ll starve to death as a writer! And you’ll lose the respect of all our peers. Oh you’ll drag the family name through the mud,” my father said, as he bit down on his knuckles and winced away in shame.

These are the types of gems I’m qualified to dish out thanks to my MA in Writing. All kidding aside, I love to write, irrespective of whether they include over-the-top characters or need a more professional tone.

I’ve been experimenting with different writing styles and voice for more than 20 years. So if you’re after something that packs a little more oomph than most of the SEO content out there, I can help you with that.

Valerio Puggioni, Marketing Writer & Copy Editor

Are you a stickler for clarity and attention to detail?

I led a team of science editors for 5 years as chief science editor at Wallace Academic Editing. I’ve helped thousands of Taiwanese researchers get their research published in their science journal of choice. My role as editor has appeared in science journals like Nature, Virology, and PLOS ONE.

Sure, those studies didn’t need SEO, but I’m no stranger to SEO. I’ve undertaken SEO training from SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics. And I understand that we write mainly for humans… for now (until the machines rise up!).

Do you need a writer who gets marketing?


  • Worked as a marketing director at a research-editing startup, where deadlines were tight, and on-time communication was essential;


  • Was a creative director at a multimillion-dollar ecomm agency leading a team of creatives in a fast-paced environment; and


  • I started a community of freelance copywriters, and we’ve just surpassed 40,000+ members.

Interested in working together? Let me know how I can help, or explore my Services first.